Dustin Jones

Hailing from Sault Ste Marie Canada, Dustin Jones (Vocals, Guitar), Mikey Hawdon (Drums), and brothers Sheldon (Fiddle) and Marshall Jaaskelainen (Upright Bass) make up this self-proclaimed “Drunkabilly” band. The brothers, both from the popular country band The Wild Turkeys, bring a unique Celtic Country musical style, along with vocal styles reminiscent of The Beach Boys, to Dustin’s unforgettable raunchy Punk Rock singing and songwriting prowess. Prior to starting this band in 2007 Dustin was known for his punk rock band The Inner City Surfers. The collaboration of these two very different bands that now form Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide is something truly unique and amazing. Dustin says “playing with these boys is like having angels for singers”. The new album “Whiskey Will Be Our Sun” (Tidal Records/High4 Records) kicks off with an acapella tune entitled “Rise Up” that confirms this claim of grace.


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